VOTING RESULTS on the three neighborhood proposals

Posted by Jean Durel on January 21, 2009 | 4 Comments

  For about the past two months residents, businesses, and other stakeholders of Benton Park West have been invited to vote on which of three proposals they thought would most benefit the Benton Park West neighborhood and surrounding area. 

Each dot on the map (above) indicates one vote.  Almost 200 people participated in voting by one of three methods:  voting at the neighborhood association meeting; or voting by electronic ballot on; or voting by paper ballots which were hand-distributed to the entire neighborhood. 

 The voting went back and forth with first one proposal leading and then another.  These are the final results:  Cherokee ComeUnity Hub –  77 votes;  Seeds of Change:  Growing a sutainable community – 70 votes;  WasabiNet:  Putting Cherokee on the Grid –  48 votes.

The voting clearly shows that all three proposals have substantial neighborhood support.  Each of the groups is to be congratulated for their efforts in developing creative proposals that people want to see brought to reality in the neighborhood.

The group that will receive the $25,000 from Incarnate Word Foundation (IWF) to begin to move their idea forward is Cherokee ComeUnity Hub. 

But all groups at the November 15 planning day talked about finding a way to move their ideas forward regardless of whether they received funding from IWF or not.


*    An evening supper meeting on Monday, February 2, from 6:00-8:30, probably at the Incubator, 2715 Cherokee, to see how – as a community – we can move the proposals forward.

*    Within the next week, the comments that a few people made using electronic ballots will be published on this blog.  Thanks to all who shared their insights and ideas.

*    Within the next week, a list of all the other projects which were suggested at the November 15 meeting will also be published on this blog.  Thanks, too, to the people who helped to develop these ideas.  A number of the ideas seemed quite doable.

Thank you, again, to all who participated in any way in the process.  There will be a lot to do to make the proposals become a reality, so I invite EVERYONE to be involved.  And invite a neighbor or two to join you.  Together we can make a difference.





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