The Worldview Forum Series — Volume 1.

Posted by Anne McCullough on April 3, 2017 | 5 Comments


A free exchange of ideas and worldviews ….. The Worldview Forum Series — Volume 1. 

Answering the question of Origins from the Dudeism, Biblical, Muslim, Buddhist and Zenist worldview….. featuring a coffee roaster, a minister, an Imam, a monk and an artist.

Guaranteed to be interesting.

This is the first of four events exploring the Four Great Questions of Life (Origin, Meaning, Morality and Destiny) from a number of different worldviews and perspective. Athiestic, Biblical, Buddhist, Muslim, Zenist, and more).

This first event covers the question of the origin of the universe (Where did we come from?).

Panelist include

Scott Carey: Dudeism worldview (Sump Coffee)

David Godbout: Biblical worldview (Novation Church)

Vijit Polsri :Buddhist worldview (Buddha Manee Temple)

Abdule Hakim : Muslim worldview (Grand Masjid)

Dr. Bill Russell: Zenist (GINJU-AN Artists Collective)

The format will be the familiar roundtable style, with each panelist having 12 to 15 minutes to present their respective worldview and an open question and answer time at the conclusion of the presentations.



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