The Future of Cherokee

Posted by Mike Glodeck on September 2, 2008 | 84 Comments

walkable, tree lined, urban, commercial district

walkable, tree lined, urban, commercial district

Have you seen the future of Cherokee?  What did it look like?  Did you see an entertainment district?  An Arts district? A Green district? Did you see more residences on the street?  More trees?  What kind of businesses do you see?  Do you see clothing stores?  Bicycle repair shops?  Scooter retailers?  Do you see more greenery?  More public art?  More pedestrians? Do you see a farmer’s market?  A Flea market?  An outdoor bazaar?  What words would you use to describe this future?  Colorful? International? Fresh?  Funky?  Stylish?  Organic?  Liveable? Walkable?

What do you see and how can we get there?  Can we help you start up a committee to research something you’d like to see on the street?  Do you know someone who wants to open a boutique but doesn’t quite know where to start?  Do you know someone who wants to renovate a building and needs help finding the owner?  People are here to help you develop your vision for the future.  We want to see interesting things on the street and are surprisingly flexible on what we are willing to do to make that happen.

Post comments on this blog.  Come to a business association meeting.  Stop people on the street.  Go into a business and ask for help.  You will find people who are friendly and helpful and want to see knew faces and energy on the street.  Let’s make it happen.  For the future.  For yourself.  For the fun of it!


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    “Cherokee Street has been one of the best places to find good food, awesome art and an array of funky little shops since as early as 1912.”
    by Mike Flynn

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