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Ken Ortmann – 9th Ward Alderman
622-3287 (w), 776-0161 (h)

Cara Spencer
Alderman Ward 20

3rd District

Neighborhood Stabilization Officer
Barb Potts: 613-3083 (w), 397-1091 (cell)

Citizen Service Bureau 622-4800
—>  Online Service Request/Complaint Form

Police Emergency: 911
Police Non-Emergency: 231-1212
3rd District Police: 444-0619
Drug/Gang Hotline: 241-COPS
Problem Property Officer: 622-3600
Animal Abuse Hotline: 647-4400

Child Abuse Hotline (Division of Family Services): 1-800-392-3738
St. Louis Crisis Nursery Hotline: 768-3201
Parental Stress Help Line: 1-800-367-3543
Parents Anonymous: 647-HELP or 1-866-492-0843

Operation Brightside: 772-4646
Problem Properties: 444-1085
Operation Safestreet: 622-3444

Pothole Department: 768-2805
Refuse Department: 353-8877

Illegal Dumping: 911, then call Citizen Service Bureau @ 664-4800

To Report Alley Lights Out (Ameren UE): 342-1000
To Report Street Lights Out (CSB): 622-4800
Water Issues or To Report an Open Hydrant: 771-4880

Benton Park West Neighborhood Association
Linda Henningh- President:

Benton Park Neighborhood Association
Cipriano Medina – President: 242-1565

Gravois Park Neigborhood Association
Rita Ford – President: 664-3425

Marine Villa Neighborhood Association
James Mckee- President

Five Star Senior Center: 664-1008

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