My Favorite Community, Benton Park

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This guest piece comes from 10 year old Benton Park resident and Cherokee Street fan, Paisley Regester.

My Favorite Community, Benton Park
By: Paisley Regester

There are lots of fun places and communities in St. Louis to visit. They all have tons of awesome restaurants, stores, nature, and art! My favorite place to see all those cool things is in my community, Benton Park.

Do you like to visit cool stores and restaurants? I do. Some of my favorite stores and restaurants are on the main street by my house. This street is called Cherokee Street. The restaurants on Cherokee Street mostly make Mexican food and sometimes just bread and hummus. Most of the restaurants are pretty small and there are no fast-food restaurants on Cherokee Street. Some of the well-known places on Cherokee Street are the markets and shops, such as the Mexican Market, STL Style, and Iscream Cakes. The Mexican market is where you can buy the most delicious ingredients to have the best Mexican dinner. STL Style is a St. Louis style t-shirt and printing shop. Iscream Cakes is an ice cream store that not only makes ice cream, but also makes ice cream cakes. The stores and restaurants are some things that make my neighborhood awesome.

The second thing that makes Benton Park the most awesome place to visit is the nature. Some of the best places to see nature are in the parks. In my neighborhood there are two main parks, and one smaller park. The two main parks are called Benton Park and Cherokee Park. The small park doesn’t have a name, but it is fun to play in. In Benton Park there are ponds, playground, tennis courts, and lots of other cool things. In Cherokee Park there is a playground, soccer field, baseball daimond, and lots of nature. The small park is right behind my house. It has a big open field and a garden. Another big part of nature in my neighborhood is the trees. There are lots of trees in Benton Park, though there are not a lot of trees in Cherokee Park. In the winter the trees are not very pretty because they are brown and bare, but in the spring they start to bloom. In all these great places with all this nature, there are lots of cool and interesting animals. There is a family of ducks living in the pond at Benton Park. You can go and feed them dry bread and other things that ducks like to eat. The little chicks are always so, so, so cute! There are also lots of squirrels living not only in the park but everywhere! There are big squirrels, little squirrels, tall squirrels, and short squirrels. Nature is a pretty big part of my neighborhood!

Last but not least, something that interests me most in my neighborhood is the wonderful art. One great place to find the most extravagant art is in the art galleries. They are not too big, but there are a lot of them! There are all sorts of different types of art in these art galleries, including prints, paintings, sketches, and more. Besides seeing all that art in galleries, there is lots of street art. It is mostly made on bricks, walls, and other hard material. There is a lot on Cherokee Street, wall that belong to nobody, and much more. There is also lots of well-known art. One of the most well-known drawings in one of an eyeball. There is not just one eyeball. There are multiple ones all over St. Louis on streets, walls, and more. They are all different shapes, sizes, and colors. People have some of the eyeballs up in galleries. As you can see, art is a very big part of Benton Park!

To me, Benton Park is one of the most unique communities in St. Louis and a great place to visit!



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