Loopie’s Capital Campaign and Fundraiser

Posted by Anne McCullough on January 7, 2013 | Comments Off on Loopie’s Capital Campaign and Fundraiser

Loopie’s is currently running a Capital Campaign and will be hosting a Fundraiser on January 18.

Loopie’s needs your help to not only hang on, but to grow into the creative hub it has always known it is, and that Cherokee Street still needs more of! Along with other such spots as St. Louis Curio Shoppe, 2720, Mushmaus, and Blank Space, Loopie’s forms an informal network of spaces focused on engaging the community in all types of arts and imagination.
Loopie’s also joins a growing circle of independent businesses on the western end of Cherokee Street, extending the strip and providing surprises in an unexpected part of the district.

Our transition to Cherokee in 2012 has been a rough one, and we are counting on you, Saint Louis, to show you want us to stick around another year longer. We want to focus on art education workshops for people of all ages, vibrant Cherokee Street collaborations, and locally made art and goods, both resale and on consignment. Please donate $10 or more today! Support local art and keep this Saint Louis gem alive!

Where Does The Money Go?

The funds raised will help make Loopie’s a sustainable store and project, paying operational costs only. The majority of our revenue, regularly and from this campaign, goes to rent, utilities, and other direct overhead. Peter Christodoulou and John Tevlin have donated thousands of hours as full time volunteers at Loopie’s and do not take any regular paycheck in effort to keep this project going. Their passion for art making and art education has kept Loopie’s running for nearly four years!

We are currently running a deficit, and if we don’t raise enough money to cover our overhead, we will have to close our doors!

Where Will Loopie’s Go From Here?

2013 will be a year of growth for us as we cultivate the potential that has been simmering thus far. From offering workshops to promoting resale of other locally made products, expanding advertising, and even creating a few jobs, Loopie’s fifth year, like that of many small businesses, will be the year we come into our own.

Loopie’s is collaborating with the Riverfront Times for the third year in a row to create trophies for the Point & Clique Web Awards, an accolade for local online writers and designers. For your donation of $100 or more, John and Peter will custom make a trophy for you or someone else in need of special recognition. These trophies will be a preamble to a year-round service and volunteerism award program recognizing Saint Louisans who aren’t doing it for the money.

Just click ChipIn to donate now. Thank you! Loopie’s is ever grateful for your support!



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