Flowers to the People!

Posted by Juan Montana on June 20, 2011 | 6 Comments

Flowers should be so fresh they smell of spring gardens and summer fields. Flowers should be sustainable, good for the environment and the people that grow them. Flowers should be arranged with love by energetic, charismatic, strong business owners.

So stand up and say it out loud: Flowers to the People!

Located on the east side of Jefferson on the Cherokee business district, Flowers to the People is a place to visit. Whether you have a mayor life event or just want to make somebody’s day, Bridget Weible will create the most beautiful arrangement. All the flowers will come from small local farmers, or from sustainable growers in California and Latin America that are committed to maintaining fair and equitable relationships with their workers. Check out her website for more information.

The place is fresh and beautiful; filled with eclectic arrangements of handmade gifts, flower decorations and amazing Terrariums. All fresh, wholesome and beautiful; just as flowers should be.

Flowers to the People is located at 2317 Cherokee St.

Check it out, or give Bridget a call. (314) 762-0422


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    “The beauty of the maturation of Cherokee Street over the past couple of months is that it has not shown a familiar trajectory for a St. Louis revitalization. There are no posh nightclubs with "pioneer" status nor any ultra-elite art galleries present.

    Rather, there's an organized community dedicated to improving quality of life and maintaining the uniqueness of St. Louis's most diverse and urban business district.”

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