Fall Update from 20th Ward Alderman Spencer

Posted by Anne McCullough on October 4, 2016 | 33 Comments




Hometeam Superheroes!

Congratulations to Bruce Franks, the Democratic Nominee for 78th District State Rep. and Wendy Campbell, our newly elected 20th Ward Democratic Committeewoman who will serve with Dale Sweet, re-elected D-Committeeman.

You may have seen our neighborhoods in the news for a couple of disturbing incidents. I am taking this very seriously and working with our 3rd District Police Captain to improve the safety of our neighborhoods. We will be looking to residents to help by identifying privately owned cameras in the community. Please register your cameras by clicking here to coordinate with police who can save time by leveraging this network to investigate criminal activity.

As your Alderman, I have been outspoken in the news about issues that affect our communities. One is division. Divisive rhetoric breaks down the fabric that should unite us. It has no place in this country, this city and most certainly not from the people we trust to protect us. Our city needs bridge building. Bruce Franks does it, the Ethical Society of Police does it. I believe we would be better served by a spokesperson for the St. Louis Police Officers Association who unites us instead of divides us. For my perspective, read more here.

I have also stood up to an industry that perpetuates one of the root causes of crime: poverty. We have allowed payday lenders to run amok, with over 11 percent of Missourians taking out a payday loan every year. We have the laxest laws in the country regulating an industry that has more storefronts in Missouri than McDonalds, Starbucks and Wal-Mart stores combined. It is not without surprise that the payday lenders have fought back with lawyers. I will stand unwavering.
While we have serious issues before us, we also have exciting developments and progress in the 20th Ward. Please join us at our upcoming Fall 2016 20th Ward Meeting: Oct 12, 6:30pm @ Thomas Dunn Learning Center with the following agenda:

Traffic Study Results: CBB Engineering, BPS
STL City’s first Calm Street Project: Louisiana Ave: Trailnet
Lutheran Development, Planning Process and 2016 project: Chris Shearman
Derelict and Abandoned Cars: Director of Streets Kent Flake
Crime Update: 3rd District Captain Shawn Dace

Future 78th District State Rep: Bruce Franks
LRA and vacant building Petition: Sean Thomas

As always, don’t hesitate to call with any specific concerns you might have.

Alderman Cara Spencer


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