Moviecove@Foam: Aliens // Weird Science

Posted by Anne McCullough on March 26, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Date(s) - Mar 26
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

MovieCove loves to hate Bill Paxton. An actor who built his longstanding career on being the butt of jokes, the instigator, the charmer, the jerk – however you remember Paxton, he was always a scene stealer.

We take this Sunday to remember the weasel who peed his pants in True Lies, the bloodfaced vamp in Near Dark, the Twister-chasing hero, the polygamist Mormon full of Big Love and the guy you forgot was in Titanic. Hell, he’s the only dude to have ever been killed by a Predator, a Terminator and an Alien. It feels like some of his best work was in supporting roles, so our double feature is based on what many consider to be his most memorable films.

11:00am —>> ALIENS (1986)
After returning from space 57 years later (oops!), Ripley and a crew of Marines are sent back to the planet inhabited by aliens. An entire colony has been wiped out and this may not be a straight-forward recon mission.

1:20pm —>> WEIRD SCIENCE (1985)
Two nerdy, outcast high-schoolers take their fancy future-technology computer and create a stunningly amazing woman who is completely devoted to them. She also comes with special powers that make them the coolest kids on the block.

Bill Paxton’s presence in MovieCove is truly impressive. He’ll always be fondly remembered as an actor who definitely made his mark in American cinema for close to 40 years.

And maybe now no one will confuse him with Bill Pullman ever again.


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