Moviecove: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Week 13! @ Foam

Posted by Anne McCullough on September 24, 2017 | Comments Off on Moviecove: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Week 13! @ Foam

Date(s) - Sep 24
10:30 am - 3:00 pm

It’s hard to believe we’re already here, but the end of September also marks the end of Season 4!

Everyone’s a little rattled after the abrupt reemergence, then disappearance of our tormented Slayer, Faith. We’ve learned almost all the deep, dark secrets about the Initiative. Riley is becoming less like a toy solider bro and noticing some seriously uncool things with his military buddies. He and Anya have now fully integrated into the Scooby gang, while we’re fairly sure Willow and Tara are girlfriends. The multi-mutant, cyberdemonoid, half human creature named Adam is emerging as the biggest bad we’ve seen yet this season. He’s pretty much indestructible and terrifyingly bothersome to Buffy. So, where are all these factors leading us?!

What happens when Sunnydale’s hero becomes the sidekick in an alternate universe? Do Buffy and Riley strike a new level of amorousness and awaken a giant poltergasm of abused spirits? If you’ve been waiting for Willow’s coming out episode, well here it is! Make sure not to miss New Moon Rising’s revelations and plot twists! Is good ‘ol jerky vamp Spike working on separating the Scooby gang for this own personal gain (again)?. We’re also going to meet the First Slayer that ever existed! Wait, how’s that going to happen? And saddle up for one of the best, action-packed pre-season finales – how will Buffy and the gang ever defeat the unstoppable mutant demon Adam? The final installment of the day will be one of the Cove’s favorites – a group dream sequences the Scoobies have together, definitely one that’ll hold your attention and may lead to some seriously important prophecies of the series…

04.17. Superstar
04.18. Where the Wild Things Are
04.19. New Moon Rising
04.20. The Yoko Factor
04.21. Primeval
04.22. Restless

Did I mention we get to see Giles play guitar? TWICE.

This may be the only two-ish part season finale of Buffy that won’t leave you in tears, so maybe jump on this opportunity for an action-packed ride that’s non-stop entertainment and has that Whedon charm all over it. Although Spike’ll try his hardest, the Scoobies will come together like never before! Though we close out Season 4 on a high note, we’re left with this quote, the disembodied voice of Tara speaking to Buffy, “You think you know what’s to come, what you are… You haven’t even begun.”

**For immediate release**
Moviecove will begin Season 5 of Buffy on Sunday, October 22nd. We know it’s longer than usual, but we’ll be out of town on Sunday, October 8th (which would be a Buffy Week). However, regularly scheduled double features will continue on Sunday, October 1st and 15th. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and a pretty unforgettable kick-off into the next season of the Buffsta!


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