Citizen Book Club #3: Her 37th Year, An Index by Suzanne Scanlon @ The Luminary

Posted by Anne McCullough on August 25, 2017 | Comments Off on Citizen Book Club #3: Her 37th Year, An Index by Suzanne Scanlon @ The Luminary

Date(s) - Aug 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Fiction. Women’s Studies. HER 37TH YEAR, AN INDEX is the story of a year in one woman’s life. Structured as an index, the work is a collage of excerpted conversations, letters, quotations, moments, and dreams. An exploration of longing and desire, the story follows a moment of crisis in a marriage and in the life of a woman who remains haunted by an unassimilable past.

Excerpt from Her 37th Year, An Index:

Good People (see also: Tragedy)
My Dearest, you are a good person and because you are a good person I am going to like you even more than I already do. But still there might exist a part of me that wishes you were not such a good person, that instead you would say let’s meet somewhere for a day or a night. And if you said that I would say yes. And we would meet, and have really hot sex, and it would be great. Afterward, we would return to our conventional lives where we attempt to be good people. But instead of course, you say, “Let’s be friends!” and I say “Yes, let’s!” And we become friends in the manner Oscar Wilde, where friendship is more tragic than love, if only because it lasts longer.

The Luminary

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