ComeUnity Hub: How do YOU play?

Posted by Lyndsey Scott on February 19, 2009 | 1 Comment

“In a world continuously presenting unique challenges and ambiguity,
play prepares us for an evolving planet.”

-bob fagen

True that. Staying flexible and open-hearted in the midst of  “things unsolved” is a sure way to influence the outcome for the better.   Essential to our neighborhood’s increasing health and vitality is a vibrant, safe place to play together — and play is not just for kids.   When we can see the silly and intrigue in each other,  suspicion and defenses fade quick to interest.  From that posture, it’s a lot easier to collaboratively solve problems and feel the resource brimming just beneath the surface of Exactly Where We Are.

Plaza Qualities

So — how do YOU play? How do ‘your people’ play? Feel free to respond below in comments, describing activities, games, and programs that you’d love to see become available in public space on Cherokee Street.

The Cherokee ComeUnity Hub, recently funded $25,000 by Incarnate Word ‘s “Heart and Soul” Design Charette, aims to become just this sort of familiar, comfortable, lively outdoor gathering space. A brainstorm at the Feb 2 public meeting generated this brainstorm of qualities we’d love this place to have: “reciprocal, versatile, biodynamic. . . ”

Project first steps include:

  1. *Building a collective team to design and make decisions.
  2. *Grant-writing to multiply the budget!
  3. *Securing an appropriate lot to build on.
  4. *Collaborating on a design for layout, shade structure, and  greenspace.

The next Cherokee ComeUnity Hub planning potluck will take place THURSDAY FEBRUARY 26 @ 6:30pm. Call or email for directions to the meeting, to hop onto the planning email list,  or for more information.

Stay tuned to the blog for regular project updates and ways to get involved!

Be feeling what you’d like to Bring . . .

xoxo, Lyndsey Scott

RSVP 217 898 3777

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