Cherokee Street Featured in Southern Living Magazine

Posted by Anne McCullough on November 6, 2013 | 25 Comments

Cherokee Street has been featured in the November issue of the National Publication Southern Living.  It is listed in their Travel and Culture Section under “Next Great Neighborhood.” with the tag line “This Under the radar strip shines with Show-Me State Style and Locals of Every Stripe.”  Ten businesses on the street are listed including Siete Luminarias, The Fortune Teller Bar, Scarlett Garnet, STL-Style, Whisk Bakeshop, Retro 101, Foam Coffee & Beer, Junk Junkie, Blank Space & Fort Gondo.

If you are curious as to how this article came about- well look no further than Scarlett Garnet.  Katie Miller, Lisa Govro and Anne McCullough just happened to be hanging out in the shop- when we were introduced to a woman passing through St. Louis on her way to the Katy Trail.  She said she had heard about Cherokee Street and wanted to check it out for herself.  We all got talking and came to find out she just so happened to be a writer for Southern Living Magazine- and had fallen under the spell of Cherokee Street during her quick stop through.

Unfortunately, the article was not published in the printed editions for Missouri- so you will have to wait till it comes out online- or have a relative who just so happens to be flipping through the magazine and stumbles upon Cherokee Street- scan and email it to you.

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