Cherokee Street Enhancement Project

Posted by Jason Deem on June 17, 2009 | 24 Comments

The Board of Public Service has released engineering plans for the street scape improvements planned for Cherokee between Nebraska and Jefferson.

The plans include new pedestrian lighting, new trees, ADA compliant curb cuts at all intersections, and removal/replacement of the brick pavers between the sidewalk and the street with concrete.

The lighting will be 14′ high double globe fixtures at the intersections and single globe fixtures along the rest of the street.  The fixtures look great in the drawings but one thing that’s unclear is the material.  The plans specify “Cast Iron Light Pole Antique Street Lamps” however the manufacture’s web site which lists this model states “All components and decorative base shall be high-strength ASTM 356.1 Cast Aluminum”.

The trees specified are Hedge Maple, English Oak, and Japanese Zelkova.  All existing trees are planned to be removed.

At a meeting in December ’08 to obtain community input on the project, the majority of residents stated that they’d rather see concrete than pavers in between the sidewalk and curb because this area often gets torn up to install new water & sewer service when a building is rehabbed and then put back incorrectly.  Also, the pavers are much more expensive than concrete.  The group felt that with so many rehabs left to do, the money saved by not using pavers would be better spent on high-quality lighting.

What’s not included:
New Sidewalks
Tree Grates

I can understand the budgetary reasons for not including new sidewalks but traditional cast iron tree grates would be a nice addition to the street that should fit into a $1.4 million budget.  The proposed ground cover in the tree wells (St. John’s Wort on the North side of the street and Periwinkle on the South side) will collect trash and get trampled as pedistrian traffic continues to increase.

The table to the left (click to enlarge) lists all items and quatieis to be provided.

The plans will be discussed at the Cherokee Station Business Association meeting tomorrow night – 6pm @ 2715 Cherokee.  A construction timeline has not yet been made public.


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