Cherokee Enhancement Project Update

Posted by Cherokee St. News on March 24, 2010 | 1 Comment

Update from 20th ward Alderman Craig Schmid

Below are the questions and responses to our questions that I received, regarding timing of the project, staging of the project, the Gingko trees, the vault under the sidewalk at 2626-30 Cherokee, and the storage of the decorative posts.

1. When will the project commence, when do we anticipate that it will be completed?
We have not received concurrence from MoDOT on this project. Once we do receive their concurrence it will take approximately five (5) to six (6) weeks to execute the contract and issue a Notice to Proceed (NTP). The term of the contract is 200 work days from the date of the NTP.

2. How will the project be conducted? Will the entire stretch from Jefferson to Nebraska be torn up; will just one block at a time be torn up; will one side of the street (north side or south side) be torn up along the entire stretch from Jefferson to Nebraska; or will one side of one block be torn up at a time?
This will be negotiated in the pre construction meeting with the contractor – it is expected the construction will be done on the entire stretch from Jefferson to Nebraska on either the north or south side of Cherokee.

3. Which entity submitted the winning bid?
SBC Contracting

4. Can you confirm that only male (non-fruit bearing) Gingkos will be planted?
Male Gingkos only

5. Do you recall that there is a basement vault under the sidewalk to the curb in front of 2626-30 Cherokee?
Yes. The original vault abandoned in 1980 only extends into the street right of way 2 or 3 feet. We are not building anything except sidewalk this close to the building.

6. Do you plan to store the “decorative posts” at the Street Department, or where will they be stored?
The Street Department does not have space to store the decorative posts. We are checking on other options to store them if they are salvageable when removed.

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