Cherokee ComeUnity Hub: Where?

Posted by Lyndsey Scott on March 6, 2009 | Comments Off on Cherokee ComeUnity Hub: Where?

Lighting a fire under the four architects/designers in the room, 10-yr artist Violet Stopp came up with this, the very first visual proposal for hub programming — scribing in sharpee-marker comic form during the last Planning gathering while grownups talked and talked.  From a gardener to happy yoga mats to a bandstand and go-go dancers to a movie screen, her plan encompassed a lot of “How do You play?” My favorite was the juggling magician and awed kids (drawn at her dad’s request).

An exciting team of sixteen people with tremendous variety of skill and enthusiastic energy was present to the 2/26 potluck  — chomping on burritos and standing over three foot long color printouts of birds-eye-view neighborhood maps, pointing and brainstorming.

Conversation included deciding on which 501(3c) to partner with as our umbrella organization and mapping out grant strategies. Most importantly right now, priority is given to solving the question: WHERE?

What spot is the best fit to fulfill the potential of this community gathering space?

Preferable Qualities:
> Easily accessible and central to Cherokee Street –
potential to ‘bridge’ East and West of Jefferson
> Highly visible to pedestrian and car traffic
> Large enough to accommodate gathering space and greenspace
> Vacant unpaved lot available for purchase

Representing public opinion is a very necessary piece of moving forward with momentum. If you’d like a say, speak your piece!

To share your opinion on locale in person, we’ll be making presentations and receiving feedback at the next Gravois Park Neighborhood Association meeting, Cherokee Street Business Association meeting, and Benton Park West Neighborhood Association meeting.

To share your opinion in writing – use the comment boxes below. All comments will be taken into consideration at the next Hub planning meeting (TBA). If you’d like to jump on the mailing list for information updates or to participate in planning meetings, I’d love to hear from you.

Lyndsey Scott
217 898 3777


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