Cherokee ComeUnity Hub: On Pause While. . .

Posted by Lyndsey Scott on May 19, 2009 | 9 Comments

. . . we learn how to get Together.

Incarnate Word Foundation recently decided to retract the $25,000 funding for the Cherokee ComeUnity Hub.

Because IWF prioritizes the importance of building relationships, they want their funding to generate connection and collaboration.   While I do believe the Hub process has actively facilitated many new partnerships and deepening relationships here, unfortunately the tension surrounding political resistance to the team’s goals has eclipsed this reality for them.   The director of IWF has expressed willingness to revisit the potential for reallocating funding in 2010.

While I’m saddened by the loss of funding,  I too feel the importance of birthing a public space thru a process that invites, includes, and promotes harmony.  The frustration of the struggle was no fun, and it does take two to tango.  To me, this serves as an indication that we’re not there yet on Cherokee — still pioneering the relationships and clarifying the organizations that can carry thru this project gracefully.  On many levels it is happening, so much exciting fusion and building and idea-ing is on-going and increasing.

Yet there’s still this lurky little “mud monster” hiding out . . .isn’t he cute?  I found him in the Freebox at Cranky Yellow during their Crap Glued to Crap show opening. To me he symbolizes the funky fear or dislike of each other that still lurks around here in some pockets and manifests itself as staunch opposition to great ideas or sometimes plain old meanness.  I adopted him so I can try and find out what he needs,  😉 so we can learn to let the “NO” go & pick up with more exciting “Yes, and….” “Yes, and…” YES!

I believe we are fully capable of ushering in the plaza project, and many other wildly dynamic public space enhancements, as best serves the neighborhood — when it’s the right time, when all the stakeholders are present.

Meanwhile, we’ll build up to that. The Hub team met and decided . . . “why not pour our energy into the exciting pathways for action that already exist?”…. Like:


>Gardening with the Seeds of Change, Grocery Garden, and other great community gardens.

>Supporting the Black Bear Farm and upcoming garden renovation of the blacktopped lot west of their restaurant

>Fixing bikes or donating tools to the bike shop, or helping develop other youth programs at CAMP.…….(Visit the Open House May 31! 1-4pm, 3026 Cherokee: Back yard)

>Contributing to relevant, effective, honest neighborhood associations with clear elections, fair leaders, and transparent bylaws

>Writing grants to continue finding resources to make it all happen


As long as we stay focused on loving what is, supporting each other, and putting our energy and skill where our joy is, I know we can build the neighborhood we want to live in & do amazing things together.

Many many thanks to each person who has contributed energy and expertise to this effort so far & everyone who’s working soulfully to restore these blocks!  !Vamos!

! ! A L C A N Z A M O S ! ! : together we can reach it * *  * *



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