Cherokee ComeUnity Hub: On Pause While. . .

Posted by Lyndsey Scott on May 19, 2009 | 9 Comments

. . . we learn how to get Together.

Incarnate Word Foundation recently decided to retract the $25,000 funding for the Cherokee ComeUnity Hub.

Because IWF prioritizes the importance of building relationships, they want their funding to generate connection and collaboration.   While I do believe the Hub process has actively facilitated many new partnerships and deepening relationships here, unfortunately the tension surrounding political resistance to the team’s goals has eclipsed this reality for them.   The director of IWF has expressed willingness to revisit the potential for reallocating funding in 2010.

Cherokee ComeUnity Hub: Says Who?

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A neighborhood project on city land: who decides?

Two mystery mounds of mulch and compost are hanging out in the “Acknowledge Lot” – the pet name for the Cherokee ComeUnity Hub’s hoped-for plaza at the SE intersection of Texas and Cherokee.

I didn’t order it to be delivered.
The Alderman didn’t order it to be delivered.

Still, it hangs out like a thrown gauntlet, asking “Well…what are we waiting for?”

So…. What are we waiting for?

Cherokee ComeUnity Hub: How about here?

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Conceptual rendering by local architect Cipriano Medina invokes a simple, lush green space with a spacious pavilion and  active pedestrian traffic

Architect Jessica Deem imagines an inviting place for conversation, lunchtime music, and inviting public art.

Two talented architects step up to the question of “where” by envisioning the Cherokee ComeUnity Hub at the southeast corner of Texas Ave and Cherokee St, on the vacant LRA lot across from the Globe Drug that has been dormant since the Empire Sandwich shop was demolished in spring 2006.

Cherokee ComeUnity Hub: Where?

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Lighting a fire under the four architects/designers in the room, 10-yr artist Violet Stopp came up with this, the very first visual proposal for hub programming — scribing in sharpee-marker comic form during the last Planning gathering while grownups talked and talked.  From a gardener to happy yoga mats to a bandstand and go-go dancers to a movie screen, her plan encompassed a lot of “How do You play?” My favorite was the juggling magician and awed kids (drawn at her dad’s request).

ComeUnity Hub: How do YOU play?

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“In a world continuously presenting unique challenges and ambiguity,
play prepares us for an evolving planet.”

-bob fagen

True that. Staying flexible and open-hearted in the midst of  “things unsolved” is a sure way to influence the outcome for the better.   Essential to our neighborhood’s increasing health and vitality is a vibrant, safe place to play together — and play is not just for kids.   When we can see the silly and intrigue in each other,  suspicion and defenses fade quick to interest.  From that posture, it’s a lot easier to collaboratively solve problems and feel the resource brimming just beneath the surface of Exactly Where We Are.

Moving the three proposals forward

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Cherokee ComeUnity Hub is the recipient of the $25,000 Grant from Incarnate Word Foundation to move its idea forward …. Seeds of Change and WasabiNet will also be moving their ideas forward.


WHAT:  Supper meeting/planning time at the Incubator, 2715 Cherokee Street.                                   

WHEN:  Monday, February 2, 6:00-8:30 p.m.

PLEASE RSVP by Thursday, Jan. 29, to  Questions?  Contact Jean Durel at 629-4086.  Hope to see you there.

VOTING RESULTS on the three neighborhood proposals

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  For about the past two months residents, businesses, and other stakeholders of Benton Park West have been invited to vote on which of three proposals they thought would most benefit the Benton Park West neighborhood and surrounding area. 

Each dot on the map (above) indicates one vote.  Almost 200 people participated in voting by one of three methods:  voting at the neighborhood association meeting; or voting by electronic ballot on; or voting by paper ballots which were hand-distributed to the entire neighborhood. 


Posted by Jean Durel on December 12, 2008 | 2 Comments

Cherokee ComeUnity Hub:  Open-Space Infrastructure for an interactive plaza

Seeds of Change:  Growing a Sustainable Community

WasabiNet:  Putting Cherokee on the Grid

The three proposals listed above (in alphabetical order) have been described this way:  “All are positive concepts with great potential to bring the neighborhood together….”  Yet only one will be awarded the $25,000 seed money from the Incarnate Word Foundation to carry it forward.

So which do you think will most benefit the Benton Park West neighborhood and nearby areas?


Titles of the 3 proposals

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The titles of the 3 neighborhood proposals to be presented tonight, Thursday, Nov. 20, at the BPWNA meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Five Star Senior Center are given below in alphabetical order:

Community Hub:  Open-space infrastructure for an Interactive Plaza

Seeds of Change – Growing a Sustainable Community

Wasabinet – Mesh Node Wi-Fi for Cherokee Street (initial plan)

Hope that you can come hear the presentations, ask questions, give input, and participate in the voting process.   It promises to be a most interesting evening!

Come VOTE on the 3 neighborhood proposals

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WHEN:  Thursday, November 20, 6:30 p.m. at the BPWNA meeting  (NOTE THE EARLIER TIME)

WHERE:  Five Star Senior Center, 2832 Arsenal

Saturday, November 15, was a day filled with creative ideas, energy, and enthusiasm at the Incubator on Cherokee Street.  Over thirty people gathered to brainstorm and to develop ideas of ways to strengthen the Benton Park West  neighborhood and surrounding areas.  At the end of the day participants selected three proposals to present to the neighborhood.

The idea now is for interested neighborhood residents/stakeholders/etc. to have a voice in the selection of the proposal that will receive the $25,000 seed money from the Incarnate Word Foundation.

Got ideas? What would strengthen our neighborhood?

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How can we have the greatest impact on the Benton Park West neighborhood and surrounding areas?   Who would benefit?  How would the neighborhood be strengthened?

The Incarnate Word Foundation has agreed to invest $25,000 to seed what those who care about the neighborhood decide would be most effective in answering these questions.

Please join us on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. at the CHEROKEE BUSINESS INCUBATOR, 2715 CHEROKEE ST. (between Ohio and Iowa) —

-to share your thoughts, dreams, and vision for the neighborhood

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    “This is a street where people without a lot of means are able to make things happen for themselves--where they get a chance to experiment and do things their own way.”
    by Bill Streeter LO-FI SAINT LOUIS

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