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                                   We’ve Been Quiet, Not Idle

We felt like real celebrities this summer, with great articles about Bespoke in the RFT, Post-Dispatch, and Saint Louis Magazine. We’ve been so busy sewing there hasn’t been much time to write a newsletter.

But we’ve been doing more than just filling orders. We have big plans for fall and winter, so it’s time to share.

Being on Cherokee Street means we get to participate in a lot of great events. This coming Saturday, November 5th, we’re hosting Sweetie and Chase Garrett for the Nevermore Jazz Crawl. They’ll be playing jump blues, swing, and boogie woogie at Bespoke from 12:30 – 3:30. Come for the great music and dancing, and stay to take a look at the new styles we have for fall.


Haley, a high waist trouser with a stylish full leg

Clarissa, a fitted princess dress with underbust seaming details

Yuki, an asymmetrical tunic blouse


On December 3rd, Bespoke becomes an art gallery for the day. The Cherokee Street Print Bazaar features the works of local printmakers all along Cherokee. We don’t have an artist assigned yet, so we’ll provide more information as the date gets closer.

That same weekend we’ll also be part of the Cherokee Antique Row Cookie Spree. For the first time in the 33 years of the Cookie Spree, our side of Cherokee Street will be included. Trolleys will run up and down Cherokee, taking you directly from cookie to cookie. There will be street entertainment, lots of appropriate holiday cheer, and, surprise, a lot of cookies.

We are also working on a great project with local designer Emily Brady Koplar of Wai Ming. Bespoke is building Emily’s costume designs for an immersive theater production of Hamlet, running from November 12-18. Since everyone in our workroom started out in a costume shop, it’s great fun to be engaged in the theater again.

Which brings us to our final news. Since we opened two years ago, Katey Becvar and I have been making all of the sewing magic. It’s getting hard to keep keep up with all of the new projects, so we’ve added more talent to the team: Allison Foreman and Lisa Drewel. They bring many, many years of experience and all sorts of new ideas. Now we really can do anything.

And that’s great news for you, because Holiday is upon us. It’s time to start thinking about party season, so now is the perfect time to come down and talk to us about the perfect outfit.

We hope to see you soon.



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