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The CAMP collective is the engine of all CAMP activities. Collective members donate their time, ideas, energy and enthusiasm to CAMP by attending monthly meetings and adding value to the organization.

CAMP Collective Membership Benefits and Responsibilities

Collective members act as the heart of CAMP by dealing with many of the strategic issues faced by the organization. Collective members have played an important part is ensuring that CAMP is always refreshed with exciting programs, meeting the needs of the community and filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. Collective members are often called upon to volunteer, take positions of responsibility, make strategic decisions and ensure that programming runs smoothly.

Joining CAMP as a collective member is a great way to get involved for an individual who enjoys active participation and putting time and energy into an organization. Membership offers experience working with a grass roots nonprofit and exposure to a unique community of activists and artists. Tenure as a CAMP collective member can be a great learning experience, but collective membership also offers a range of benefits including discounts on space rental and more. In order to remain inclusive and open to all, we strive to make the process of joining the CAMP collective is relatively simple and affordable.

Membership of the CAMP collective does however come with some high expectations, including the monthly volunteering of one’s time. If you are unable to commit the time and energy needed to sign up as a CAMP Collective Member, please explore the various other ways of getting involved with CAMP. Founding Members for example enjoy many of the same benefits of CAMP Collective Members, but without the required time commitment. Before committing to join the collective, please read through the below list of Responsibilities and Benefits that come with Collective Membership.


  1. 1)  Attendance: Monthly (one a month) attendance of at least one of the following CAMP events:
    1. CAMP Business Meetings: Held every first Tuesday of the month, these meeting center around budgetary issues, performance evaluation and strategic growth. Business Meetings are where many decisions are made including: programs, initiatives, and policy.
    2. CAMP Potlucks: Held every 3rd Tuesday of the month, potlucks are a great way to meet CAMP people and get some good food.
    3. CAMP Events: Relevant CAMP events include fundraisers, presentations and special workshops. Collective members may be asked to assist/volunteer during events.
  2. 2)  Payment: Yearly Dues of $60 are due upon submission of application and/or renewal. Alternative payment arrangements including reduced membership fee are available upon request.
  3. 3)  Conduct: Members must understand and agree to conduct oneself in accordance with CAMP policies and procedures. (available on website or in CAMP office)


  1. 1)  Reduced Rental Fee: collective members are entitled to reduced rental fees:
    1. Discounted use of all spaces (see rental fee form)
    2. Free use of vacant space for meetings (as available)
    3. Special fee arrangements for events/programming.
  2. 2)  Discount at CAMP Events: CAMP collective members are entitled to discounts on applicable CAMP events.
  3. 3)  Decision Making: collective members are entitled to vote during collective business meetings, email list serves and are able to guide the growth of the organization though other means.
  4. 4)  Use of CAMP as 501c3 Umbrella: Collective members may elect to use CAMP as a 501c3 umbrella agency in order to secure grants. A percentage of all grants obtained through the CAMP Umbrella will be given directly to CAMP for operating costs. Arrangements for the use of CAMP as an umbrella agency are made on a case-­?by-­?case basis and must be approved by the CAMP Collective.

Visit CAMP’s website for more information:



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