Aisle 1 Gallery (2011-2013)

Posted by Anne McCullough on March 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Aisle 1 Gallery (2011-2013)

After 2 years of hosting exhibitions and events, Aisle 1 Gallery at 2627 (Art Monster will be moving into 2627 Cherokee) Cherokee Street has closed.  Founded in 2011 by Bryan Walsh and Jenn Carter on St. Louis’s Cherokee Street, Aisle 1 Gallery  brought international artists, works by established and emerging artists  to Cherokee Street.  Over the years they showcased painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and mixed media work,  musicians and yoga classes- always providing a welcoming and innovative gathering space for the Cherokee community.  Aisle 1 was also behind Ruben Aguirre’s mural at Texas and Cherokee and the controversial mural on EL Lenador’s facade- which was later removed.

A note from Jenn Carter and Bryan Walsh; posted on Aisle 1’s website:

Thanks, first and foremost to all of the artists who exhibited at the gallery, and also to all those who attended opening receptions of exhibitions and events. The list of ‘thanks’ continues by recognizing all those who put money in the tip jar for a PBR, bought artwork, prints, t-shirts, stickers or buttons; thanks to DJ Chilly C, 18andCounting, Bace Monk, Damon Davis, the Beat Street DJs (Alejan, Needles, G. Wiz and Fly D-Ex) and all of the musicians who played at the gallery; thanks to Dave Aholt and Pabst Blue Ribbon for a great long-time partnership; thanks to press and media folks who wrote articles, previews and reviews; thanks to friends who helped tend bar, hang artwork and more; and thanks to Cherokee Street and the St. Louis community.


Co-Owners Bryan Walsh and Jenn Carter


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