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Posted by Dustin Newman on June 11, 2009 | 20 Comments

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Speaking of Cherokee Street & South City..

Another place you need to add to your “TO GO” List is BINGE & PURGE.

Remember when I made that post about a month ago when I was saying how I almost got mugged outside? Well, this was where I was coming from when that almost happened.
(But don’t be afraid!)
At the front counter they sell some really cool “pen knives”, you know, the thing that looks like a pen but turns into a sharp, dangerous weapon? 🙂

Well anyway,
Binge & Purge is a shop like none other. Only two doors down from Apop Records, Binge & Purge will has an always alternating inventory spanning everything from vintage clothing, designer wear by the likes of Richard Ramirez, antique medical devices, military surplus, Japanese candy, human skulls, taxidermied critters, torture devices, outsider art, vintage electronics, malicious machinery, infernal devices, & lots of other gadgets & delights.

This is also where I got my cool slap bracelets from..

Binge & Purge
2839 Cherokee St
Saint Louis Mo

It’s a must.

His A*S beat me to it..

Adrian from Made Monarchs ( just made a post about this FIREEEEE A*S mexican place (I call it The Burrito Place) on Cherokke Street in South St.Louis. And OOOO I was super excited when he shouted it out!
I SWEAR I thought I was the only one!
People seiously need to GET HIP. This place deserves it.

I’ve been eating here since I was a freshmen in highschool. shit, I even skipped school a few times to eat here with my old bff Jennifer when she lived near Minnesota. (The straight HOOD in South St.Louis. But don’t be afraid!)

I highly suggest the chicken or “pollo” burrito which comes with a few fire sauces, chips & guacamole, with a Jarritos orange soda, just because.

If your in St.Louis, Take my advice & GO GO GO!

La Vallesana
2801 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, MO


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